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Home to over 800,000 inhabitants, Zagreb is the most populous city in Croatia. Though one of the youngest European capitals, Zagreb boasts a rich cultural heritage thanks to its favourable geographical location. Steady economic growth and political stability further add to its appeal. Against this backdrop, higher education institutions in the city thrive and continue to expand their reach, launching numerous English-taught degree programmes in a variety of subjects to support the growth of the international student community.

Student life in Zagreb

Zagreb’s geographical location at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe contribute to the unique cultural blend that gives the Croatian capital its character. Here, students enjoy a friendly atmosphere with a fine mixture of European bustle and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

They also benefit from a steadily growing local economy, which accounts for 37% of Croatian exports and 52% of the country’s turnover. Many European and Croatian companies are headquartered in Zagreb, creating a vibrant regional business hub and international trade centre. Whilst coastal cities rely heavily on tourism, the core of Zagreb’s economy is manufacturing. Thus, prices here are much lower than in other European capital cities.

Affordable living cost makes Zagreb an attractive destination for international students taking courses that take longer than most regular degrees, such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. As a full-time student in Zagreb, you should budget €550 to €850 per month for living costs. Monthly rent ranges from €200 to €500, depending on the size and location of your room.

Beside cultural curiosity and financial considerations, international students choose Zagreb because of its distinguished academic heritage. The city is home to 14 higher education institutions in both the public and private sectors. Founded in 1679, the University of Zagreb is one of the largest and oldest universities in South Eastern Europe. The higher education landscape of the city has been transformed in recent years, as many local universities and colleges have started teaching in English to attract foreign students. As of April 2018, Zagreb accounts for 70% of English-taught degree programmes in Croatia. The offerings span a wide variety of subjects, from veterinary medicine to business and computer science.

Student life in Zagreb is vibrant and varied. With more museums per square foot than any other city in the world, Zagreb is often hailed as the “city of museums”. Together with the thousand-year-old Gornji grad (Upper Town) and a plethora of art galleries, they provide the city’s residents with frequent and affordable cultural activities. On the other hand, modern post-World War area of Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb), filled with skyscrapers, shops, cafes, restaurants and especially live music bars, caters to a more fashionable crowd. While studying in Zagreb, you will also be able to access high-quality sports facilities, such as Arena Zagreb (the largest sports hall in Croatia) and Dom sportova.

Transportation to and in Zagreb

Zagreb is very well connected with London. British Airways and Croatia Airlines operate direct flights from London Heathrow to Franjo Tudman Airport, also known as Zagreb Airport, all year round. The journey should take you around two and a half hours. You can also take one-stop flights from London to Zagreb with Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa, though the journey time can be double.

Zagreb is not a car culture. Most university students in Zagreb are happy to take advantage of the excellent transportation system called ZET, short for Zagrebacki Elektricni Tramvaj. ZET is made up of 19 tram lines and 117 bus routes and offers 24/7 service. Trams are primarily used for short trips within the metropolitan area, while outlying neighbourhoods and suburbs can easily be reached by bus. To get a monthly or annual pass (“pokaz”), you need to fill out a form which you can obtain at the student office of your university, ZET website or ZET offices in main tram stations, such as Borongaj, Remiza and Dubrava.

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