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A top university in Croatia for international students

The University of Zagreb UNIZG was founded in 1669. The 350-year old institution is the oldest continuously operating university in Croatia, the biggest university in South-Eastern Europe and one of the oldest universities in Europe. Since 1991, the University of Zagreb had made major steps towards the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the European Research Area (ERA) and implementation of European higher education and research standards.

The University of Zagreb is a leading higher education institution in Croatia and offers excellent educational opportunities for more than 72,480 students each year. In the last few years, more international students from other European countries or as far as the US have come to the University of Zagreb to study full degree programmes in veterinary medicine and business. This trend significantly changes the perception of Croatia as just a destination for language and hospitality students.

Not only does the University of Zagreb have a growing international student community, but it is also a hub of international research and exchange with over 100 bilateral agreements signed with partner universities in Europe, Australia, Asia and North and South America.

The University of Zagreb actively participates in EU programmes such as the Lifelong Learning Programme (2011/12). It is a coordinator and partner in a wide range of LLP projects, TEMPUS projects, Erasmus Mundus and Jean Monnet.

A modern university campus for science students

The University of Zagreb received the biggest investment in Croatian education in the last 150 years to build a new campus called "Borongaj". Many new buildings are still under construction and will offer excellent facilities for science education and research at the university.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is located at the Vjekoslav Heinzel Street veterinary campus, a peaceful oasis in the central eastern part of the city. It is very close to the city centre where you can easily find restaurants and shopping malls. The veterinary campus houses a Central library which offers students all primary sources in the area of veterinary medicine, meaning student don't need to budget too much for textbooks or manuals.

Learn Croatian during your studies at the University of Zagreb

Although all of your lectures and exams in veterinary medicine and business at the University of Zagreb will be in English, you might want to start learning Croatian to make the most of your stay in the country. If so, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers Croatian language courses that suitable for beginners like you.

Charlotte Stiles, a British student at the University of Zagreb, has shared her story on this site. Read Charlotte's story to find out why she chose the university and what she has learned in her first year.

Other courses at University of Zagreb

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