Veterinary Medicine

There is only one place to study veterinary medicine in Croatia – the University of Zagreb.

For further information about their Integrated degree in Veterinary Medicine taught in English, please refer to the relevant page of the website. Here we will aim to give you advice on some of the main considerations you should have if you wish to study veterinary medicine in Croatia.

Quality assurance – is the university good enough for me?

As with any university abroad, the first thing you need to assess is the quality of your chosen university, specifically the faculty you wish to study at. We, therefore, encourage you to look not at global university rankings which can sometimes give a misleading picture, but at industry-specific or profession-specific rankings or accreditations. In the case of veterinary medicine, perhaps the most important source of information is the European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education. In the case of the University of Zagreb, they have been accredited since 2002.

After graduation employment – will I be able to work where I want?

EAEVE accreditation also offers British students the opportunity to “Brexit-proof” their qualifications. Currently, EU law stipulates that any qualification gained within the EU must be accepted in all EU countries if it is accepted in its home country. This is enough reassurance for anyone wishing to work within the EU 27, Ireland included. However, there is a risk that in the future this automatic recognition may not apply for anyone wishing to work in the UK after graduation. While it is still too early to say exactly what will happen, the RCVS has already indicated that graduates of EAEVE accredited universities will have their qualifications recognised in the UK. Obviously, there might still be immigration hurdles for non-British vets wanting to work in the UK but for British nationals, this will never be a problem.

Entry requirements and admission process

The University of Zagreb veterinary medicine degree will be in its third year in 2018/19. In each of the previous years, the number of candidates has doubled and as future growth is predicted, it is extremely likely that the entry process will change in the near future. Currently, there is no entrance exam which is unusual for an EAEVE accredited veterinary school. This means that your suitability will be assessed entirely on your academic record. Any work experience that you have amassed will also be taken into consideration.

Ideally, the university will look for students who have A levels in biology and chemistry as well as any third subject. Any student with BBB or better should expect to be successful although this cannot be taken for granted. We have seen students with lower grades be successful on occasion. Students with other high school diplomas can also be assessed but we cannot accept BTECs or Access to Higher Education qualifications unless you also have 3 A’ levels (subjects not as important in this case).

Graduate Entry – is it possible?

The veterinary medicine degree at the University of Zagreb is an integrated degree leading to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine qualification. As such, there is no pathway into a shorter programme specifically for graduates of other scientific disciplines. However, if you have already started a veterinary medicine degree elsewhere within the European Union, it is possible that some credits would be recognised if you decide to transfer. The university is quite flexible in recognising prior study but in our experience, students usually do not receive as much recognition as they think they should. This is not a comment on Zagreb; it seems to be the case at almost all universities.

Tuition fees and the cost of living

Tuition fees for the English-taught course are currently €9,000 a year. There is an application fee of €50 before you can be considered as a candidate but these are the only costs involved in applying. All applications from the UK and Ireland must be processed through A Star Future Ltd and we can help other nationalities, too. It makes absolutely no difference to the overall cost.

Living costs in Croatia are very reasonable and it should be possible to live in Zagreb for around €600-€800 a month.

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