The University of Rijeka has announced the admissions procedure for its dentistry degree in English. This will be offered for the first time in 2019/20 and there are twelve places available. Although two exams and application windows have been announced, the second one will only happen if there are still places available.

The entrance exam will take place in Rijeka at the university's campus. There are no plans for exams overseas at this time. The first exam will be on Friday 12th July and the deadline for applying is 28th June. The exam will be multiple choice and consists of questions in biology, chemistry and physics. There is also a manual dexterity test that must be taken as part of the selection procedure.

Assuming there are still places available, there will be a second exam on 6th September 2019. The deadline for applying is 23rd August 2019 so just after A level results day. This might be the only option that we have available to study dentistry abroad at that time.

Prior to each exam the university offers a week-long preparation course for €800. If this is your first choice of university, it might be a sensible option for you particularly if you haven't just finished your A' levels or if you think your physics is particularly weak.

The application process for Rijeka suggests that you already need to have your A levels and have the certificates translated into Croatian but we can work around this. However, you will have to provide evidence of your prior education, your passport and birth certificate before you can even take the exam. We can advise on all aspects of this somewhat unusual procedure.

Students with BBB or thereabouts in A levels or 32 or better on the IB (appropriate HL subjects) should be suitable candidates. If you already have a BSc in a science-related subject it is possible that you could be exempt from taking the entrance exam although you might have to show that there was some physics involved in your studies. Sometimes Biomedical Science has been acceptable, sometimes not. Please contact us for our opinion.

There is no possibility of admission into later years and it is almost certain that your degree will take 6 years to complete.

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