Living Costs in Croatia

The average living cost for a student in Croatia is €600 per month, but it can be a lot higher in touristic cities like Dubrovnik and Split.There is usually plentiful supply of rooms in these cities during the off- and low- season but finding a room can be difficult when you are competing with holiday makers.

Zagreb and Rijeka are the most student-friendly cities due to their low cost of living and good public transportation infrastructure.

You should budget a minimum of €200 per month for accommodation in Croatia. This is the price for a standard single room. If you prefer to live on your own in a one-bedroom apartment, the rent could be as high as €500 per month. Public transportation is cheap. You can get a monthly pass for around €30.

In comparison with the UK and other European destinations, Croatia is likely to be a very cost-effective place to study.

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